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Over 18+ combined years of experience in Medical Tourism. We know exactly what works and why.

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We get right to work training your staff as one competent and cohesive unit to take on more clients, eliminate office inefficiencies, and coordinate patients.

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Hassle-Free Business And Image Consulting for the Medical Industry

We tailor our proven winning methods for your specific needs.

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KaryakosPMT Premium Consulting

Premium Consulting

Experience and results

Get expert help planning and launching the best branding framework for your business. We align our proven strategies to fit your specific goals. This means quicker results and higher ROI.


Image Branding

All about your brand

Work with us to get clear on your vision for the practice. Paired with our many years of expertise, our team will take your business image and bring it to life. Your clients will feel an intuitive sense of trust for your brand.


Staff training

Efficiency + Knowledge

Quality medical tourism is an art. We’ll get your front desk, sales efforts, and patient coordination fully competent and working like a well-oiled machine. This way you can focus on serving your patients and scaling your business.


Tech help


Tech is getting trickier everyday… and you didn’t become a doctor to get tech-related migraines. Let our team of IT nerds build out your website, admin, and all the other backend details you don’t want to deal with.

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Message from the founder


Melina Karyakos, CEO

These days it’s difficult for doctors to trust anyone outside of their team

On one hand, running your medical practice efficiently while promoting your brand is no easy task.
On the other hand, patients struggle to feel comfortable traveling outside their country to get the care they need from the right experts. Here’s the bottomline: The doctors that provide their patients with the experience and results that they crave are the ones that will thrive for years to come.
With the Medical Tourism industry emerging, there’s so much demand for experienced consultants yet so little expertise you can put your trust in.
Here at KPMT, our vision is to bridge the gap between certified doctors and patients who want the peace of mind that they’ll get the treatment they deserve.
We pride ourselves on successfully coordinating over 6,000+ surgeries and 8,000+ small cosmetic procedures… and being a team of only women.
In fact, we believe this is why we’ve been so successful — our rare ability to listen to not only patients, but to our clients so they know they’re understood.
Our unique experience from doing all the gritty admin work and handling sales to managing a team of doctors since 2012... Has given us a true understanding of exactly what works in the medical world.

Put your faith in us and see for yourself why KPMT is bringing a whole new standard to premium medical tourism.

Your Team Of Experts

Our Team

18+ Years of experience guiding people to their new life, helping them decide the best medical solutions options for them and their fammilies. Expertise in the process makes a powerful team to upgrade your brand.


Melina Karyakos

Meet Melly. She explains the medical tourism process in the most realistic and detailed manner for any Medical Service Provider. "I have been dedicated to work in the Medical Tourism industry since 2012. In 2018 Karyakos Premium Medical Tourism was launched and with the help of a great team we have been able to promote KPMT as an agency that provides consulting and/or coordination assistance for doctors & other companies. The doctors and companies that we assist provide a large range of high quality medical treatments abroad. We work with certified surgeons and internationally recognized physicians in Mexico."

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Ready4aChange Team, Ana Karen Mendez, Coordinator

Karen Méndez

Meet Karen, our on-site Patient Coordinator. She's an expert guiding the patient through their procedure's schedule. Will coordinate every step of the way and will be there to meet and greet the patient when they arrive! More than 12 years as a Patient Coordinator in the greatest Hospitals and Clinics in Tijuana, are the background in her one-of-a-kind service. She will train your staff to perform a State-of-the-art kind of services that your patients will remember forever.

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Caro Certified Nurse at Ready4aChange

Carolina Urías

Caro has 7 years of experience in the medical tourism industry, her background is Patient Coordinator. The tasks that this profession requires for an amazing patient experience are endless, but she does it seamlessly. Doctors, and hospital staff can count on her as the liaison between health care professionals and patients because of her great skills in customer service.

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What our clients are saying ...

“Melina brought so much invaluable knowledge about the medical tourism industry to our team and we would not be where we are today without her. Her years of experience working with doctors helped us network and connect with top medical talent in Tijuana. She also has a pulse on what’s new and what’s coming in the future for the industry. So grateful for Melina!!” Rachel R. “TreVita”

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Karyakos Premium Medical Tourism. Helping Medical Tourism Companies & Physicians reach their goals since 2012. ▪️Consulting ▪️Branding ▪️IT Services ▪️Staff Training ▪️CRM ▪️Marketing strategies. A San Diego, California based company, Bussiness Leaded by Woman.

Feel free to write a direct email to melly@karyakosPMT.com or give us a call at (619) 512 7995.

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